Call for papers Presentations may focus either on applications (presenting the solution of an actual problem encountered in the industry with the help of statistical techniques) or on methodology (opening new avenues of analysing industrial data). Communications will be either oral (20 minutes) or written (poster). A related short paper will be published in the conference Proceedings and in a special issu of the Jounal de la SFdS dedicated for AgroStat2012 . Abstracts submission: oral conferences and posters Participants willing to present a communication, either oral or poster, should submit an abstract in rtf, pdf, or postscript format, sent as an attachment by email to the scientific secretary of the congress. The deadline for abstract submission is november 10th, 2011 . Recommendations / Abstract format Abstracts must at least contain the following elements : Title, first and last name of author(s), their addresses, the name of the communicating author, an email address (contact author). Abstracts should be at least one page long. Alternatively, authors may submit the full communication text in place of the abstract (see below). Acceptance of the communications will be notified to the contact author by December 2th, 2011. Publication of the text of oral communications in conference proceedings The full text of the accepted communications (4 to 10 pages) should be sent by January 6th, 2012, to secretary of congress. These texts will be published in the Proceedings distribued to the conference participants. Manuscripts may be either in French or in English but will contain (if possible) an abstract and a title in both languages. Templates for texts in Word or LaTex formats are available. Using these templates will help us to build a homogeneous layout for the conference proceedings. Word template LaTex template Corresponding pdf file Publication of posters in conference proceedings Posters will be published in the conference proceedings. They can be submitted into two forms : * either through a full text (4 to 6 pages) following the same templates than the oral communications (see above), * or through a simple copy of the poster (in english) which will be presented at the conference. It should be transmitted in a .pdf file of A4 format. The document should be sent by January 6th, 2012, to secretary of congress. Preparing communications Oral presentations # The slides should be in English # Duration of communications is 20 minutes INCLUDING a 5 minutes discussion time # Send your communication (PowerPoint of PDF file) to the secretary of congress # Communications are due by February 24th, 2012 Posters # Posters should be in English # Format for the posters is an A0 sheet oriented vertically (portrait) # A session of poster presentations will likely be organized during the conference. Authors will be invited to present orally their poster during 2 minutes, using maximum two slides. This will be confirmed before the conference

groStat 2012
Food Risk Assesment Training Registration Pratical information Sponsors and exhibitors Agro-Industry group (SFdS)12th European Symposium on Statistical Methods for the Food Industry Paris, France, (28), 29 February & 1-2 March 2012
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